Marketing: A Specialized Degree for Business Success

A degree in marketing is a specialized degree that can make you a well-rounded professional and is in high demand. It involves promoting a company's brand, services, and products, and requires analytical skills, logic and creativity. A marketing degree includes many areas of study, such as advertising, communications, marketing and public relations strategy and research. It lasts around 120 hours, with courses focusing on the minutiae of marketing.

Business administration courses focus on management principles and skills, such as accounting, business ethics, communication skills, data analysis, economic basics, operations, and project management. On the other hand, a specialized marketing MBA includes market forecasting, social media marketing, digital commerce, and consumer behavior. A brand manager will conduct research and develop marketing and advertising strategies according to market and customer needs. A marketing analyst extracts information from data and uses it to improve the ROI of marketing investments.

Advertising, promotions and marketing managers have an estimated 10 percent growth in employment over the same decade. Since marketing is so widespread and essential to business success, there are many types of marketing such as digital marketing, content marketing, social media marketing, search engine marketing etc. Most marketers can expect to use a certain amount of brainstorming and “thinking outside the box” combined with measurement data to determine which strategies were most successful. A degree in marketing is a practical, career-oriented specialty that can help you pursue any number of business leadership careers. It teaches students how to market and promote a company, service or product.

A business administration degree provides a broad overview of business topics while a marketing degree focuses on the marketing aspect of running a company.

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