20 Digital Marketing Strategies to Promote Training Courses

It's essential to understand your target audience, the students you want to reach. Letting your students know the value of your course is key to successful marketing and sales. If you're looking for ways to market and sell training courses, these 13 effective strategies will have a big impact on your sales without breaking the bank. Blogging is a great way to increase visibility to your target audience. With 55% of marketers identifying creating content for their blog as a top priority, it's clear that perfecting your blog strategy is essential in the competitive training market.

Content can be difficult to put together, but you're one step ahead if you've already started blogging. Facebook is the most used social platform today, making it the perfect place to reach a wide audience. Shareable content that gets people talking is ideal for this platform. Creating a company page and adding your company brand is a good starting point. Twitter is another great platform for marketing your blog posts. A combination of hashtags, retweets and a massive audience means that Twitter has to be part of your blog's marketing strategy.

Research what hashtags your customers are likely to be looking for and create content that leads them to find you. Medium put together this useful guide on how to best use Twitter to leverage your blog posts. RSS feeds, or Really Simple Syndication, are a way for users to access website updates in a simple format. For training providers, RSS feeds are used to publish regularly updated information such as new blog posts, news articles, video content and more. If you're not sure what RSS feeds are or how they work, Lifewire's guide to what's where and how for RSS feeds is a great resource. Selling training? Here are 5 steps to the perfect sales email: create multiple courses that cover different areas of the same general topic.

Just like with a book series (think Harry Potter), each course in your “series” helps promote your other courses. At the end of each of your courses, mention that you have other courses related to the same topic. Since your current students are likely to be the most likely to buy from you again, creating additional courses for them is never a bad idea. Everything from automated emails to CRM and segmentation, best practice training websites, search engine optimization (SEO), blended learning and SMS marketing should be considered when creating an effective marketing strategy. Another way to test the market for your course before you start marketing it is with a pre-launch survey.

Understanding who your ideal student is before you start promoting your course will help you craft marketing messages that speak directly to their frustrations, needs and wants. That's why blogging alone isn't enough; you need to make sure you share your offer across multiple platforms in order to promote your training effectively. Email marketing remains one of the most effective marketing strategies for cost-effectively communicating with a group of people who want to listen. Marketing your training program to current employees and promoting it to future employees can increase employee retention. Once you have your marketing goals and objectives resolved, you can move on to the rest of your marketing plan. You may think that promoting your training program is something you can expect or simply be an additional task, but it is critical to the success of your program. Training organizations like Sales Geek are experts at using social selling to market their content and ultimately grow their business in a way.

Your training provider will already have sales and marketing materials designed to promote the value of your products. As tempting as it is to promote your online course to anyone who listens, you'll get better results by targeting your course marketing only to the right visitors. This allows you access a very large database of potential attendees for future classes and market training courses more effectively. Below I've compiled 20 digital marketing ideas that are both actionable and effective so you can get started promoting training courses:.

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