Is a Career in Marketing Management Stressful?

A career in marketing management can be a stressful one, due to the many responsibilities and deadlines that come with the job. Entitlements vary depending on the size of the company, but marketing managers need to be knowledgeable in creating programs and campaigns, as well as reporting on market metrics. A survey conducted by AXA Insurance revealed that those working in marketing experienced stress 3.84 days a week, while those working in real estate only experienced stress 2.61 days a week. Arts, recreation and retail also topped the list of most stressful industries, while transportation and storage represented the least stressful. Despite these results, the survey ended with a high score, showing that 89.6 percent of office workers rated their quality of life very highly, despite all the stress they experienced at work.

Another psychological reason people experience stress is boredom. Surprisingly, this feeling can inspire a little stress. In a report funded by AXA Insurance, two out of five people who said they were not happy at work gave the reason for “getting bored”. We all want to feel “useful”, so if your work doesn't challenge you, it might be time to take on some additional tasks and get that fire back on fire. Marketing Director Karen Webber believes the marketing industry is lagging behind and not adapting to the new “24-hour work week”.

Employees are expected to be “on call” more than ever, but the marketing industry doesn't allow its employees to be flexible with their work in the same way other industries do. A career in marketing management can be quite stressful due to the many tasks that need to be completed on a daily basis. Setting the pace makes it a lot easier and saves time and energy. Don't hurry, it won't help. Not having a budget or having an extremely low budget to work with makes the job of a digital marketer even more stressful.

Despite this, a career in marketing management pays off for those looking for a lucrative career in business, data and marketing. Marketing managers can also advance their careers in technical services such as senior management positions in data analysis, marketing analysis and customer analysis. Marketing managers use data analysis, market research, product design, technical services and sales teams to accomplish this task. A good example of this is if you're a social media marketer; subscribe to both general digital marketing podcasts like Edge of the Web and more focused podcasts such as the Perpetual Traffic podcast which focuses only on Facebook. The marketing director position is an executive position where professionals are in charge of overseeing and executing the entire marketing strategy and budget allocation. A number of senior vice presidents, vice presidents, directors and other senior marketing managers responsible for various parts of the marketing strategy can report directly to the CMO. To be successful as a senior marketing manager you must have management, leadership, digital marketing and market research skills.

Before entering the marketing industry you should consider whether a career that is constantly evolving in terms of content strategy, market research, customer communications and advertising is right for you. As heads of their department they will research and analyze marketing trends; identify target markets; plan campaigns and develop strategies; manage a team of marketing executives and budget; and monitor and report on the success of campaigns. So if you're interested in marketing strategy, advertising and business analytics you can plan to pursue a career as a marketing manager.

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